Are old cars appealing to thieves?

We all tend to think thieves are attracted to the expensive cars like Mercedes, Porche and any other types of sports car for that matter.You may look at the broken cd player, the window that doesn’t go down any more or the boot you now have to hold up and think there is no way someone will steal your car, right? Wrong!
In the world of thieves something worth, a mere amount is more in their eyes than the Porche that is worth a six-digit figure.

What appeal do old cars have? 
To a thiefPorches, Mercedes etc.All have the best anti-theft systems and security features they become more trouble than anything. Some people may also be suspicious if you are selling a six-digital, but you live on the streets, don’t have a job or appear to be a little shifty.
Basically, the cheaper standard cars are easy to steal no GPS navigation systems and anti-theft modes.

Are parts worth value?
Funny enough thieves aren’t stealing cars for the car itself they are merely getting it to strip and sell the parts. The parts are actually worth more than the whole care itself.This is the reason why they don’t play with expensive models also which cannot be taken apart easily and simple they contain all these high-profile gadgets that require special ways to get them out.Sometimes thieves go for a particular brand and model of car that are popular and in demand for parts.Parts that are versatile between car years and models of the same car makers are quite valuable.

Cars that have had the most insurance claims on them for stolen vehicles or parts taken off while parked out the front were:
The Honda Accord
Toyota Camry
Nissan Maxima
Acura Integra
Honda Civic
Ford and Chev pickups

There are tips you can follow to protect your car from being stolen. Having extra security on your car can actually lower the premiums on your insurance.
Be sure to always lock your car and don’t leave valuables in sight. This will encourage thieves to break windows and steal what they can.Install a car alarm or an audio device that sounds when someone tampers with your car.Tracking systems are good if someone has just stolen your car and taken it for a joy ride and dumped it.The GPS will help to locate your car.

Comprehensive Coverage
Look into comprehensive car cover that will fully cover you especially if your car is an older model.
If your car has been stolen and a report has been filed with the police you can then get protection which will cover the cost of replacement. You need to do everything you can to avoid becoming a victim of car theft. Talk to your local insurance company about what you can do to prevent your vehicle from being stolen. The internet has some great resources for anti-theft security for your car.