The phase of electric cars

Electric cars are propelled by an electric motor that uses energy that is stored in a set of rechargeable batteries. This option was brought out due to the high rising oil prices and to help reduce our greenhouse gas.There are tax credits and subsidies available that the government brought in to encourage people to make the change over to the new electric cars.So far there has been a tax credit for an amount of US $7,500 each car. Electric cars are quieter with no exhaust emissions. If the rechargeable batteries are charged by a low emission source they will reduce the gas emissions compared to those IC engines.

The use of electric cars also reduces the number of imports. The overall benefits need a good looking into including the energy required to fully charge the car, the cost to charge it, and its efficiency on the road.When recharging the battery, you can expect to wait about an hour, but this time frame will reduce when more improvements surface. The downfall of electric chargers is the fact there aren’t enough recharging stations. This is ok for around town trips when you can just charge at night at your own home. We question what about long traveling trips where we need to recharge halfway there but there may not any recharging stations available in that area. There has been extreme anxiety when people start driving the eco cars out of fear their battery will die before reaching where they need to go. Depending on the model some last longer than others so do your research.

In 2015 there was around 30 electric car models and work vans around.  Nissan top the rank with their Nissan leaf becoming the bestselling electric car. They sold over 300,000 globally by the time it was 2018.Coming in second is the Tesla Model S and that had 213,000 cars sold again worldwide. Electric cars are more expensive due to the cost of the battery pack.
The battery prices seem to be coming down slightly each annum and when more competition hits the fan we should see an even bigger decrease in price.

In a survey conducted the question was asked would you consider owning and driving an electric car. Most of the drivers all said yes but were hesitant due to the price of the electric cars.

Cost of charging?
The cost of charging up the battery pack simply goes on what the energy prices are. The Nissan leaf drives around 800km each week will see a $600 US cost each year for charging costs. However, it will cost around $2400 US in fuel each year for an average car around town.There is no doubt they will reach a higher level in popularity once we start seeing proof it reduce greenhouse emissions and we see a more decrease in the price tag.

A little more advertisement wouldn’t go astray show people how it works and how it can help to benefit the world.