Most Popular Muscle Cars

There are so many enthusiasts that are so passionate about muscle cars. Enthusiasts trace muscle cars back to the 1949 Oldsmobile rocket 88. The genre went from 1965 to 1970 before it went under due to the high gas prices and the exhaust emission regulations.

What exactly is a muscle car?

So far there isn’t an exact definition that everyone agrees on.  Some will tell you it’s a small 2 door car that has an engine found in larger sedans.But each and every one has a different view on exactly what makes a muscle car. The creators made the muscle cars for the straight speed which led to more than a few mucking around on the drag strip or drag racing from one set of traffic lights to the next. Muscle cars were originally the bait for the bigger better models waiting at the showroom. Once you had a taste of the muscle car you were out looking for more.

First on the list would have to be the Plymouth.
This car is a fighter and doesn’t back down. With some nitroglycerin the road runner was an explosion waiting to happen. It was one of the great performance cars and would still give these modern day electric shaver cars a run for their money. Consisting of a 425 horsepower and a Hemi v8 engine it was the eye of the racing crowd. Plymouth had licensed the name Road runner from warner bros.

Mustang boss 429
This is a car that’s creator met the rules of NASCAR. There were less than 1400 made in the year 1969 to 1970 so it is quite a rare piece. The boss 429 may have had a v8 engine but it was dwarfed by other muscle cars around it.

Chevrolet Camaro ZL1
This car is a legend. There are less than 70 made and the 1969 Camaro had the most powerful Chevy engine that had been offered to the public.It’s a rare production that Chevrolet had ever made. Were looking at a v8 engine, a ZL power plant with an aluminum piece of block that took over from the regular iron one that was a first Chevy production.

Gran Sport 455
When it entered the muscle car industry among the most luxurious of cars and of course the most powerful. The GSX package came with body striping and a rear spoiler. The 1970 Gran Sport 455 had a dignified brand.


The Pontiac pretty well owned the muscle car phase in early 1960. The Pontiac GTO is widely known as the first in its phase. In 1968 it was getting a run for its money when competition started to emerge.
The talk among Pontiac was to create a cheaper car similar to the GTO but with a smaller 350 cubic inch engine. There are so many cars that should be on the list, but this was to only name a few that were ever so popular in the muscle car era.