Reasons Why Autonomous Vehicles Will Be Here Sooner Rather Than Later

Today we are driving our vehicles but it will no longer be surprising that sooner – well actually, in the nearest future, our vehicles will be driving for us.

No. We are not there yet. But, to say the least, the future of self-driving cars is very bright. Self-driving cars are considered safer than the conventional cars we are using today. The technology is seen as a promising solution for road safety, efficiency and convenience. Considering the appeal and benefits of autonomous vehicles in the auto industry, the technology is certainly getting its needed momentum. As a matter of fact, a growing number of big companies are streaming their investments towards making the technology of autonomous cars as flawless as possible. Does this mean that we are going to see self-driving cars hitting the road anytime soon? Probably, yes.

Here are the top reasons why we may start seeing the futuristic autonomous vehicles rolling on the road sooner – rather than later:

The big automotive companies are on board with the driverless car technology.

Ford, General Motors, Cadillac, Porsche, Volvo and Tesla – huge names in automotive industry are working to establish driverless cars, even using it as a way to stand out amidst the competition in the automotive market. In addition, Uber, Google, and Amazon are few other giant companies who are also on board with the perfection of the self-driving technology. These companies are pouring out their time, technologies, and monetary resources to develop the technology of autonomous driving. Hence, it’s no surprising that this technology is gaining more progress recently.

Road mishaps due to human negligence and error are becoming more alarming.

A big percentage of road accidents and injuries are due to human error or negligence. Machine-driven cars are believed to be the answer for the increasing road crashes which are often fatal.

Road testing of driverless cars is now accelerating.

On-road tests for fully autonomous cars are becoming more visible and occurring more. Waymo, General Motors, nuTonomy and Uber have all launched road testing for their self-driving cars. The more testing would mean the perfection of the technology and ultimately, real-road immersion of driverless cars is really not very far behind.

Technology transformation is providing people with hard-to-resist raise in comfort and convenience.

People are becoming more dependent with technology. The comfort and convenience brought about by technology have helped make people’s everyday lives easier. Driverless cars will be another revolutionizing technology that will enhance safety and convenience on the road. This car technology transformation will provide more comfort and benefits especially for those who don’t know how to drive, or those who are handicapped and the elderly. And, once people will get accustomed and more comfortable with the new technology, it is highly likely that they will never be looking back.

Ride hailing services are on the rise.

Another solid reasons why autonomous vehicles are certainly going to be hitting the road pretty much sooner is the fact that ride hailing services such as Lyft and Uber are continuing to rise. If we think about it, if people can get confident about being driven by a complete stranger then it won’t be impossible for them to have the same confidence on machine-driven vehicles.

So, how long really before humans will bow down and let machines takeover with the driving? 10 years? 5 years? The projections really vary widely. Right now, there are no clear terms yet with regards to the timeline of self-driving cars. But with the rapid progress in the development of the technology, clearly this will be happening anytime sooner. But, until then, you will need to keep your driver’s license – still.