RVs More Sustainable and Efficient Than Ever, Thanks To New Tech

Over 30 million Americans practice outdoor escapism. These are Americans who are all potential RV buyers. This sense of adventure that has picked up recently is called ‘overlanding.’ It fuses camping and off-roading. There have been exhibitions like the ones that happened at Salt Lake City that showed that the industry is moving away from beast RVs and going lightweight.

RVs are now pushing to be more efficient and less heavy. This means that a lot of us might soon be camping out with RVs even though we have never considered these things. The composite materials, solar power, appliances and smart water will all make this an experience that people can appreciate and be willing to get into.

RVs More Sustainable and Efficient Than Ever, Thanks To New Tech

RVs are now made with so much efficiency that the material is recyclable. Sustainability and environmental friendliness go hand in hand. That is why the water and other amenities that come with it are using advanced technology with the latest in sustainability, being put into the RV.
Now, suburban adventure seekers can enjoy the world outside without worrying that they may not enjoy themselves or even pollute or anything like that.

Garrett Finney began building efficient and lightweight RVs in 2016. Previously, he had been consulting with NASA on how to make the International Space Station livable and efficient. Taking his knowledge about this, he integrated all that into an RV and made the TAXA cricket. TAXA is a 1500-pound RV, that can house two adults on a Queen sized bed.

Today, TAXA has expanded into four products, designed to be rugged like the original one. The Mantis is the latest model and it is 19 feet long, weighing 3,000 pounds. It is the largest one they have. With a body of aluminum and Kynar treatment, there is no sun damage to the RV.

Bonding panels uses green solvents with no formaldehyde. The foam core insulation is designed to be recycles after 30 years and the birch wood panels inside keep the weight low.

This one has a kitchen, wet bath, propane plumbing, a toilet, fresh and grey water tanks plus a Queen-size bed. All this is light enough that a modern station wagon can tow it.

RV makers know that the best way to sell anything right now is to tap into the market of eco-friendly people in the world’s expanding base of environmental-conscious demographics. You will no longer need a heavy-duty pickup to tow any of these RVs. The materials just keep getting better and better.

There have been innovations that have won awards for their work in making zero emissions and all-electric RVs that do not pollute at all. Motorized living is going to be a big thing of the future and sustainability of something like this will be a prime directive among RV makers. Solar power is another big part of it that can allow you to live off the grid completely without worrying about heat, fuel or anything that needs power because it can be a panel with a 1000-watt converter.

RVs More Sustainable and Efficient Than Ever, Thanks To New Tech

Right now, solar power is used for auxiliary function but strides are being made in making sure that we can have more efficient panels with more power to actually drive somewhere without using fossil fuels.