How to save for your dream car?

Cut your spending

First of all, you need to find ways to curb your spending. All your extras need to go now cold turkey style they stop here and now. No more eating out, going to the movies even drinking and smoking. It’s time to give it all up.If you want your dream car everything goes down to the bare minimum.
Get more money by working more
If you work weekdays considering getting a second job for the weekends. Sure, saving for your car is going to be hard work but the hard work will pay off when your driving around in the car that you own and not the bank, and without no monthly ongoing payments.
take up some odd jobs and the money you get put it straight into the funds for your car.

Cut back some more

If you are paying extra into your utility bills like gas and electricity cut them back to the amount required and all the extra cash can now go into the fund for your car. Then once you have you dream car you can start paying extra off your bills again.


Now let’s be realistic.

Unfortunately, sometimes our eyes are too big for our wallet. We need to be real and if you have no way to save for a Porsche then forget it and get a more realistic car that is in your budget. Don’t work towards a Porsche or latest BMW if realistically you will never get it in time to enjoy it.
Be realistic with the car itself. Don’t go rushing off buying a car that is cheap if it needs repairs. 
Check it wont cost you an arm or leg to dive to the beach with the family.
The car needs to be safe, reliable and be within your price range.

You need to save money in anyway possible. Even the small amounts will add up especially if the car you want is not an expensive one. Instead of walking over the road and buying lunch take that money and put it into the fund you will soon see it grow. Stop clothes shopping and shopping for the kids for the just because reasons. Leave the kids spending just for birthdays and other occasions that you may celebrate. Explain to them you are saving for a car and help them to understand why they to may need to give up things that cost money at least until you have the money for the car.

Picture yourself with you dream car and when it seems to be getting tough getting by with the minimum just do inspirational things. Write a list of all the places you would like to drive in your new car. 
Start a list of things you would like to buy for your car like seat covers, air fresheners and special cat mats. Believe it or not cutting back in your everyday life will get you what you want if you are realistic about it.