Solar Powered Cars

Solar powered cars are a thing of the future. With the technology we have now there is no surprise that this is being brought in.Solar cars are not something we see everyday as there are no production ready models available to the public yet. People who stand green were all going for the hybridelectric cars. However, the cars powered by the sun seem to offer a better alternative to the consumers when searching for aneco-friendlier transportation.

There are no Emissions
Solar panel cars have electric motors but burn no fuel and don’t produce any type of emissions. Motorist who wish to utilize their transportation without contributing to air pollution.

There is no Fuel Costs
with considerable economics motivations for them to be developed and operated by everyday motorists.  They don’t depend on fuel so there are no fuel costs like there is with diesel, gas and hybrid cars. By using the sunlight, the cars convert that into electricity which is then stored and available to use during the day.The electric motors are solar power designed and are smaller than the normal gas engine and are able to operate without vibrations and loud noise that we often see with the conventional cars we are driving now.There is also the advantage of a lighter vehicle which gives the ability to turn faster and more smoother stops.

Preservation with natural resources
The panels and other parts of the car consume energy and resources to be produced so the car will need no more extra energy input.Solar cars do not require any oil changes, so they are dependent on petroleum-based goods which is for the lubrication of the wheels and plastics that may be used for replacement parts.
Solar cars are basically maintenance free when compared to other gas-powered cars.

No energy costs
Other vehicles that are running diesel, electric and gas will have energy costs. If your looking at an electric car that will have charging costs when charging from a power outlet. Biofuels and fossil fuels have gallon costs. When using the energy from the sunlight there is no direct costs as your using a natural resource that will provide energy whether you are using it or not.

Solar power is renewable energy from the sun, so it doesn’t matter how much you use today it doesn’t mean there will be less for tomorrow. The sun is going to shine still for billions of years. The manufacturing of solar cells does however uses some hazardous materials but at the end it will generate no gases.
There are high hopes standing tall for the first solar car to be available to buy in dealerships all over. We are moving in the green economic state slowly and we all need to be doing what we can to lower our carbon footprint as much as we can.We cannot do without our cars so we nee to be finding ways to use them more efficiently.
Solar cars are the next best thing for our pollution and noise levels. It doesn’t matter if it is running on rain, wind or the sun as long as it is not running on hazardous chemicals. We hope to see these rolling into the showrooms within the next ten years. There are cars however that a part solar for example the headlights run on solar, but the rest of the car doesn’t. This is a start, and everything has to start somewhere. The feedback from those ones seem to be going well with only a few little hick -ups here and there so the future is looking bright.