Most well-known movie cars

The Volkswagen beetle had a mind of its own. This was a fun beetle that everyone loved. It was a hit in the Walt Disney Film the Love Bug in 1968. There was also a tv series that came from the movie.
Herbies color scheme was one to remember the red and blue stripes throughout the middle. No one will forget Herbies number 53 on the sides and the bonnet.

Gmc van The A Team
This van was the van responsible for the popularity in vans. The A-team came to the screen in the 1980’s and was led by George Peppard . It was a story about the US Army Special Forces that escaped from prison where they were committed of a crime they did not do. The star of the show was the GMC van which everyone will remember as being black and grey and that red stripe.

Now this car had style and personality. He was an autoboot from transformers. He was once a 1977 Camaro that was destined to be scrapped due to its beaten up and dinted style.
Much to our surprise he transformed into a new transformer machine. A concept car was used for the parts of bumblebee and because the movie was so popular it was surprising a few years alter we seen the fifth generation Camaro sitting comfortably in the show room.

James Bond and his Aston Martin DB5
In GoldFinger this car had the main role in the James Bond movie.  Of course, with James Bond being so popular the sales of the Aston Martin DB5 went through the roof. James Bond was originally put into the Ashton Martin DB 3 but was soon changed to the new DB5 and the car played it role perfectly.

The Dukes of Hazard and their Dodge charger.
This was a pure muscle car that even the young ones were attracted to in the 1980’s.
The brother Bo and Luke duke were in the hit tv series the Dukes of Hazard and was also made into a film that was ever so popular. The orange paintwork on the car the number 1 on the side and that distinctive horn no one can forget were just a few things that made the car the part.
Just like an outlaw it escaped the law pretty well nearly every episode.

Starsky and Hutch
The funniest movie and one we can watch over and over. The car we loved was the Ford Gran Torino. Two US detective Starsky and Hutch were hilariously silly but that red machine made them look mean and ready for action. There were many of these cars that were used throughout the movie for the stunts and they did it with style. This car is much loved and always sends out a statement perhaps not the best choice for undercover work that Starsky claimed but it did what was asked of it no problems and never failed to let them down.