Car Hacks That’ll Improve The Quality Of Your Life

There are people who like to showing their personalities according to their vehicles, which makes them have their very own kind of style. Each owner has his own way, his taste and goes putting props and doing tricks in their cars so that they become more comfortable, warm and well with the same owner’s face.
We have separated for you some car hacks used by several drivers around the world to give a different look to their cars and make them attractive, more interesting and comfortable to drive.

Organization hacks
Use the sun cap to store sunglasses: You only use it when you need to protect yourself from the sun, so you can give this item a new use. Keep your sunglasses on it, use it as an object to hold the item. Also worth for smartphones!
Wear a rubber band to hold your phone: You can not hold the phone in your hands while driving. Using just a rubber band you can find some safe place in your car and fasten your phone.
Put hangers behind the benches to take your clothes: this tip is great for those who need to change during the day. So you can hang suit jackets, coats and other clothes that are at risk of kneading.
Portable car charger. Is the battery dead and has no outlet nearby to charge the phone? Buy a portable car charger. Just plug in and wait to charge while traveling or driving in traffic.
Install pockets behind the bench to optimize space: This way you can store books, tablets, folders, baby things… you can put what you want on it.
Dumpsters: You should have a trash can in your car to avoid getting dirty in the streets. There are already several models of car dumps on the market, but you can improvise one of your own.
Coin purse: leave a corner near the exchange, to store some coins and always have them hand.

Cleaner hacks
Use toothpaste to polish the headlights: you just need a dry cloth and a little of the product. In a matter of minutes you have instant cleaning and shine.
To give a good smell in your car you can use moist tissues in the air vents or essence candles in the cup holders.
Insects with cooking oil: Insects are usually attracted to the headlights, but end up dying and are stuck in the car. Spread the cooking oil in the front and wipe with a cloth to remove the insects.
Remove rust with refrigerant: if some part of your vehicle has rusted, do not worry. You can remove a stain with coke refrigerant. You just need to sprinkle the drink, to act and clean it normally.
Your car shining with conditioner: the automotive wax is gone and you have no idea what to do to make your vehicle shine? No problem. Rub the conditioner over the paint in circular motions until you get the desired shine.